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The real estate offer Immohelp makes every effort to ensure that the online presentation of its real estate offer corresponds with its real available properties. However, it can never be guaranteed that properties are indicated on the site as available that would no longer be available at the time of the visit to the website. That is why the online presentation of our real estate offer on the website must be regarded as purely indicative and contractually non-binding. Immohelp can therefore not be held liable in the event of unavailability of one or more products. Despite our precautions, errors in the presentation cannot be ruled out, in which case Immohelp cannot be held liable in any way. Likewise, the photos and technical data (such as indicated dimensions, properties, etc.) on the website are only indicative and do not create any contractual obligations on the part of Immohelp. Under no circumstances can Immohelp be held liable on the basis of the content or presentation of the photos included on its sites. Prices The prices on the site are shown in euros and are exclusive of any extra costs, taxes, surcharges or duties that may apply, in particular but not limited to notary fees, any taxes and registration fees. These prices quoted on Immohelp’s websites concern proposals for negotiation with Immohelp’s client. These bind the client of Immohelp only insofar as any offer made by you is explicitly accepted by this client in writing. All prices are quoted by Immohelp with the utmost care, but material errors are always possible. All prices on this website are therefore communicated to you subject to material errors or incorrect quotation.

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